Indian Ocean Tsunami  

The Indian Ocean Tsunami Event happened on December 26, 2004

Location of the event was:
      Northwestern Sumatra

In the City of Banda Ache
In the Country of Malaysia

The Abstract for Indian Ocean Tsunami:
A megathrust (9.0 magnitude or higher) earthquake occurred off the west coast of northern Sumatra. The earthquake occurred December 26, 2004 at the convergence of the Indian and the Burma tectonic plates. The shifting of the two plates beneath the Indian Ocean in an abrupt, upward movement produced an earthquake resulting in a tsunami. Within a few minutes of the quake, the tsunami slammed into the northwest coast of Sumatra with three to six waves of more than 30 meters (98 ft) in height. The waves that hit the northern tip of Sumatra were lower, about 10-12 meters (33-39 ft) high but the large, low-lying, alluvial plain situated here allowed the waves to penetrate far inland. The before and after satellite images show how the flooded and overwhelmed the large urban area of Banda Ache.